Girls Only: Mobius is REAL O__O (sonic wwffy part 9)

Hey my viewers I'm back with part 9! So plz rate and comment! I DON’T OWN SONIC THE HEDGEHOG! Sorry about the long wait. Recap: You were kidnapped by Eggman and was tortured by him. Then (your result) came and saved you.

Created by MzArtistTornado74 on 11/30/1999

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It has been a few weeks since Eggman attacked. During the weeks you and shadow have been practicing walking. Finally you can walk and you and the guys have donated your wheelchair to a children hospital.

Today you and Sonic are outside at a tire swing. It was in the middle of a grass field. "Do you like it ___?" asked Sonic. "It's beautiful," "It's a place where I took Amy," said Sonic. "Who's Amy?"

"She's a hedgehog that had a crush on me," said Sonic. "What happened to her?" "we don't know, she just disappeared one day and never came back," "But that was the past, are you enjoying Mobius," said Sonic. He pushed you back and forth in the swing.

"Sonic?" "Yeah?" "Do you find humans an abomination?" you asked. He stopped pushing and looks at you, "Why do you ask?""At the hospital the doctor said humans are nothing but nuisance, we think were superior than any other living being" you explained.

"___ the only opinion you should care about yourself is yours. " said Sonic. He continued pushing you on the swing."To answer your question I believe humans are great," said Sonic. "Thanks," he nodded. "Since you can walk, wanna race?”

"Don't worry I'll go easy on you!" said Sonic. "Ready.... Get set.... GO!" you both took off. You could run faster than you normally could. You could feel the breeze past by it felt great. The sun was beaming down on you like ice on a Popsicle.

Apparently you didn’t realize that you past the house so you ran back. Suddenly you saw ruby earrings on the ground. You picked them up and it started to glow red.

You ran back home with ruby earrings, and went upstairs to wash them with alcohol. You put them in your ears and they looked cute! "____ I'm going to the store wanna come?" said Shadow. "sure, which store?" "Wal-Mart, I need to get more water."

"We already have water in the freezer," Shadow looks at you blankly. "We ran out," Shadow was looking at you strangely. "What?" you asked. "nothing," He chaos controls to Wal-Mart.

You and Shadow walk to the food isle. He stopped and looked around the aisle. "I sense a chaos emerald around," "What's a chaos emerald?" "Its a gem that has strong powers. The legend tells if you collect all 7 a miracle happens," explained Shadow.

"Wait here," he went to scope out the place like a cop. "hmph probably a hoax," Then he notice ur new earrings. "Did you have those earrings when you first came?" asked Shadow. "No I found them this morning outside the house,"

"take them off," "Why?" "Just do it," you gave them to him "Do I get them back?" "Sure whatever," "chaos control," he appears in the net aisle. "Just as I suspected,"

Someone must have lost them," shadow walked outside and chaos controlled you two to the house."Where did you find them?" You walked him to the spot. There was a black acid on the ground. "Mephiles...." shadow snarled. "what about him?"

: “He was spying on us and must have dropped earrings," "but why would he have earrings?" you asked. "Must have stolen them from a girl," said Shadow. "What I want to know is what he is up to," "I don't know ___"

Suddenly Silver walked to you looking panicked. "___ I have bad news," he said sadly. "what is it?" you were scared now. "it's your parents..... they... Your house was on fire,"

You snatched the earrings from Shadow's hand and chaos control home. "____ hold up!" said Silver. You guys appeared at the burning house. Your heart stopped beating and then attempted to run to the house but Shadow held you back.

You gave loud shrieks and cried staring at the horrific scene. You were giving an awful fit at the house. "Let me go! I need to (sob) save them!" "___ calm down!" screamed Silver.

"Let me-" you gave up in fighting. You just sob into Shadow's chest hair. Shadow just holds you in comfort. Sonic and Silver look at you with sorrow."___ it's alright," said Sonic. He strokes your hair. Silver went to stop the fire.

Cliffhanger! This was a very sad part to write. So plz rate and comment sorry bout the long wait. Just to tell you all I am going to be out of town which means no computer. So i'll try to make the update as soon as I can.

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