Death Note RP 6:Another Note (BB)

RECAP:Light and L are the only ones taking you and your friend Alissa to pick up some more of yours and her belongings. While Matt and Mello are investigating the scene where one of the BB murder cases took place. REMINDER:DC MEANS DONT CLICK(this will effect your results in the end of the quiz) Hope you enjoy!!! c:

Created by DawnoftheDN on 11/30/1999

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When Light entered the vehicle you felt Alissa tense up which caused you to do the same.Something about Light made you feel uncomfortable but you couldn't put a finger on as to why he made you feel that way.The driver looked at you and said,"Where to?"

The limo stoped and you all poured out of the vehcile.You and Alissa walked into her home while Ryuzaki and Light just stood at the front door you went in so you could help her pack some of the things she needs.

You follow her up the dark stairs to her familiar room.You start to help her by picking up her laptop case.As soon as you did a black journal fell out.You pick it up not thinking much of it and look at the front of it.It has the words "Death Note" on the

Before you could examine it further she snatched it from your hands,"Don't touch that!!!" You looked at her,"Are you feeling alright???" She looked at you and sighed,"Yeah sorry it's just my diary I don't want you to look at it.It's personal...."You feel

You don't leave but you try to stay out of her way as much a possible so that you don't anger her anymore.She gets everything she needs and lets you carry some of it.She clutched onto her laptop case as if she was clutching onto life its self.

As you guys walk out of the door you can't help but to see something out of the corner of your eye but you ignore it because you think it's an side effect to your antidepresants.Light and Ryuzaki follow both of you to the limo.This time you sit next to

(okay done for today maybe tomorrow i will put u the ne wher u go get ur stuff rate and message me if u like it and want more k thx bye c:

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