Which Saiyuki Character Would Sleep with You?

I bet you're dying to know! This is partially dedicated to i-am-kokoro

Created by jandeebee on 11/30/1999

Take the Which Saiyuki Character Would Sleep with You? quiz.

What color are your eyes?

How popular are you at school?

Have a favorite sport to play?

Can you cook?

How hardcore of a Saiyuki fan are you?

What do you wear in public?

You're sitting in a bar on a lonely night. As you throw your purse on a random barstool, you see Sha Gojyo has occupied the spot next to yours. What do you do when he offers you a drink?

Walking through the market place grocery shopping when all of a sudden Son Goku bumps into you and all of your groceries fall! What do you do?

You're silently sitting in a library reading when Cho Hakkai walks up to you and asks about your book. What do you do?

It's midnight. You're sitting out in a hotel garden when Genjo Sanzo sits on the bench across from yours. What do you do?

It's the first date between you two. Where do you go?

Describe how you felt on the date.

So things happened and you're back at the hotel together. What led to this moment?

Choose words to describe what the experience in the room is like (I'm not this weird in real life XD)

In the morning, what's the situation?

Has he said he loves you yet?

Have you said you love him yet?

What is your worst habit?

Does your relationship last the day after?

Who are you hoping to see in your results?

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