Not just A Familiar [Blue Exorcist] 5

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(no one’s pov)

Mioko slowly opened her eyes to the sound of someone banging on her door. She rubbed her eyes and yawned, it was 6 am and class starts around 7. Mioko was sitting at her desk with her finished homework stacked neatly in front of her. She stretched and walked sluggishly towards the door, “mioko! Wake up!” shouted a familiar voice. She opened the door and stared at rin with a slight evil eye, she cleared her throat and grumbled. Rin smiled “good your awake! Mephisto wanted me to tell you that he needs you in his office” She sighed and nodded. She then tilted her head and thought about something deeply. Rin gave her a questioning look and asked “what?” mioko snapped out of her thought then smiled “I was just wondering why YOU were the one that told me, yukio usually wakes up at this time. He could have told me...” rin’s cheeks flushed and he frowned “I don’t know! Mephisto wanted me to tell you” mioko nodded and chuckled “well i’m going to change” rin nodded and walked back to his room.

Mioko changed into black shorts, blue tank top and put on her white half sweater. She walked out the door and towards the schools main building. When she reached mephisto’s office she knocked on the door and heard him shout “come in!” she opened the door and smiled “you needed me?” Mephisto nodded and motioned at the armchair in front of his desk. Mioko sat down and mephisto said “So how’s school?” mioko almost fell out of her chair and shouted “You make me come to your office at 6 in the morning to ask me how was school?!” mioko gritted her teeth, then all of a sudden her tiger ears popped on her head. Mephisto smirked and said “Interesting” mioko gaped at the man in front of her. He grinned at her confusion and said “It seems that the collar can only hold back most of your demonic power. Your emotions seemed to be able to weaken the collars effects. I think I have something here to help that” Mioko was still confused but brushed it off as mephisto dug in a large chest . She took a deep breath to calm herself, and her ears popped back in her head. She gave a sigh of relief and looked at the wall clock. “I should get to class. It’s already 6:30” mephisto nodded and mioko headed for the door. “oh! wait, I found it!” mioko turned and looked at mephisto holding another bell but it was gold and a little smaller than the one that was already on her collar. mephisto walked up to her and clipped it on. “There, this will counteract your epic emotions. now have fun in class” mioko glared at mephisto and ran to homeroom.


School went by and cram school was about to start. Mioko took her seat next to shima and wasn’t really listening to yukio, She was finally getting hit with exhaustion from staying up late to finish her homework and from waking up early. Shima noticed this and whispered “are you okay mioko-chan?” she glanced at him and sighed “yukio’s double homework has been a real pain in my ass” shima chuckled and said “If you need it. bon,konekomaru and I could help you out” mioko smiled and laid her head on the table “i’d like that... thanks shima-san” shima shook his head and smiled “just call me renzou!” mioko nodded and smiled until they were scolded by yukio. Mioko looked around the room and then noticed a blonde girl sitting next to rin. She was pretty and seemed very determined to catch up in class. Rin had a faint blush on his cheeks and it kind of bothered her. The silver bell jingled as if it was a warning, she quickly moved her gaze at yukio and the jingling stopped. “Alright, please turn to page 16... mioko, please read the 1st to 3rd paragraph” She nodded and stood up.

Neigauz-sensei drew a large circle on the floor “I will now summon a demon...” he glanced at mioko as she shifted uncomfortably. “Ms.Mioko, could you do me a favor, and take this to mephisto?” he held a large envelope and mioko quickly took it and ran out the room. As she was running she opened the envelope in curiosity and inside was a small note. She read it and it said [ The class will be over in 15 minutes. Stay outside if you really need to] mioko smiled slightly and refolded the note. She threw the envelope in the trash and waited for the bell to ring.

-in the class room-

Shiemi smiled and shouted “i-i’ll try too!” she stared at her paper and mumbled “come out come out!” she giggled “just kidding!” then a few sparkles floated from the paper and a little green man came out. “a greenman spirt. wonderful, moriyama” she smiled at the little creature. “Oh wait! I think I got something!” shima shouted excitedly. He opened his mouth to say the words but the piece of paper was already glowing red, then orange.

-with mioko-

As she was walking around she felt a sudden sensation run through her body. Her tiger ears popped up and perked up, she looked around frantically and then, poof! she was turned into her animal form and disappeared from the hall she was walking on. When she opened her eyes she found herself staring at her classmates. ‘what the? hey! what’s going on!’ she thought in her head but all that came out were meows and growls. mioko saw that rin’s eyes were round and looked like they were going to pop out. Neigauz-sensei looked surprised as well and cleared his throat. “A tiger spirit, good job” konekomaru gaped at her and said “a tiger spirit?! those are suppose to be really rare!” shima looked down at mioko and smiled. He picked her up and said “It kind of reminds me of mioko-chan! i’ll call her... ko-chan!” mioko didn’t not seem amused by the nickname and growled a little. “Well, familiars will only fight with someone stronger with them. If they cause any trouble you can tear the paper and it will disappear” the bell chimed telling everyone that classes were done for the day. Shima looked at mioko and smiled kindly “Do you want to stay with me, ko-chan?” mioko wiggled around trying to get out of his grip and shima pouted. “okay, well I’ll see you later then!” shima kissed her on the top of her head and tore the paper.

Mioko appeared in front of the classroom door in her human form. A dark red blush spread across her face as she tried to calm herself down. Once she was okay she walked into the classroom to get her stuff, rin and yukio were the only ones left in the class room. They stared at her intensely, mioko quickly walked to her table and grabbed her bag. She headed for the door but rin beat her to it. “What the hell was that??” rin basically shouted, mioko shrugged “I don’t know, and I don’t like it. I don’t even know how i’ll face renzou-san tomorrow” yukio made a curious ‘hm’ sound and said “renzou? isn’t that his first name?” mioko blushed and said “w-well yeah, he said he didn’t like me being so formal so...” mioko’s embarrassment was unbearable. The silver bell was jingling and slightly cracked as her ears popped up again. Rin was surprised to see them and seeing her blushing face. (moe moe kyun!) Rin felt his face heat up and he quickly took out his key to his room and left. Yukio chuckled as mioko was completely confused, she shrugged it off and went to her room.

Mioko laid down on her bed and tried to fall asleep. But she couldn’t, something was keeping her awake. She tossed and turned, repeatedly fluffing her pillow. She tried the human trick and counted backwards from 100, she tried calming music, she even tried warm milk. (the ukobach happily made it for her.) but nothing made her tired. She sighed in frustration and took out a key that hid under her mattress. She stared at it and shrugged.


“here, use this for emergency’s only!” yukio said handing her a special key. Mioko gave him a questioning look “where does this lead to?” yukio smiled “to our room. If you really need this you can use it” mioko nodded and shoved the key in her pocket.

-end of flashback-

“well, this is kind of an emergency...” She turned the key and when she opened her door she was rin and yukio sleeping peacefully. Mioko turned into her animal form and walked in as the door closed behind her silently. She hopped on to rin’s bed and stared at his sleeping face. His pale lips and his perfect nose, to his long lashes and his tousled midnight hair. Mioko then noticed that she was being creepy, she curled up next to him and instantly fell asleep.


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lol mioko’s creepy scene xD

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