Crimson Fate - Itachi Love Story. (Chapter 5)

Thanks to Akatsukichick23 for her message ! Really made me smile and want to write this even more! /\/\/\ Re-cap - Then he lent forward and whispered something in Itachi's ear, whatever he said, Itachi's eyes grew wide, with fear, pain, shock? I couldn't tell, but I wanted to know what Kisame said...

Created by Shaaaanon on Saturday, November 12, 2011

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One of my fav's of Itachi, even though he's not ripping his clothes off ahaa!

Story Start :

My eyes were locked with Itachi's, what was running through his mind? Why were his eyes so full of emotion?

"Yuuka, stay here, I will be back in 5 days. This is important too me. So be good and stay out of trouble, I want you in one piece when I'm back." He smiled, but he seemed uneasy. Something wasn't right. I want to go with him, I want to stay by his side.

"Itachi, I want to go with you, I can't stay here alone." He smiled at me with a smile that was so uneasy and so strangly sad that it made my heart wrench, what was so wrong?

"Yuuka, I can't let you come, you will be alright here." He kissed my forehead and turned to Kisame, he nodded and with that, they vanished. My heart sunk, I have no one here except ... Tobi ... Oh the joy that sarcastically lept across my heart... Where was Itachi going, I wanted him back here now. With me. What was happening to my head? All I could think of was Itachi and now he's gone, my head was in a complete and utter mess.

"So, your this Yuuka he shouts out all the time in his sleep, it's so fucking annoying! Your the cause of this. What link do you have to him, I'm interested." The jashinist spoke to me in a deep tone.

"It's not my fault, I can't even remember anyway. So back off. Why, even if I knew, I would no reason to tell you." I confidently spoke back to him, I couldn't seem vunerable while the only person I could rely on, was gone for a week.

"Pfft. Whatever. He's not here for 5 days, your going to be running out of here before he's back. Not to find him, but from me. I can't help but hate you, no female is allowed here. Men are supperor." (sp?) (Konan isn't in this till later.)He bellowed. Wow, a jashinist and a sexist pig, I've got my work cut out. I frowned at him, I couldn't involve myself in fights. I walked to the living room and sat down. "No answer? That's what I thought woman." I felt a vein bulge in my head, but I thought calm, calm, I had to keep calm...

"Tobi is a goooood boy!" The orange masked boy? Man? Jumped onto my lap. Mind distracted... He came in good use... Aha... "Yuuka, looks sad, whats up with Yuuka? Tobi likes people to be happy all the time."

"I'm fine Tobi." I lied.

***Time skip 4 days***

I overheard Pein-Sama talking to someone in his office. A voice I hadn't heard yet, a deep mature, but sort of old and worn down voice.

"Yuuka will go crazy if she hears so keep your voice down." Pein-Sama's voice echoed. Whatever they would say it would echo anyway.

"Itachi's in a horrible state, Sasuke is also in a bad way, but Itachi looks like he's about to resort to his last chance." Itachi... Itachi was hurt, and by the sound of it, he was hurt seriously bad.

"Well we can't go rescuing him. Itachi's been wanting to die at Sasuke's hands since he killed their entire clan, some bullshit about making Sasuke a hero." No. This can't be true, Itachi, there was still so much I had to find out about him! I burst in.

"TELL ME WHERE HE IS NOW BEFORE I RIP BOTH OF YOUR FUCKING HEADS OFF!" I screamed at them, they were shocked.

"Yuuka. Chill. I can't tell you were he is beca-" Pein-Sama started.

"I SAID TELL ME WHERE THE FUCK HE IS." I was about to explode, I needed to save him and Pein-Sama was wasting my time.

"Thier at the Uchiha Hideout. It's -" A dark figure standing behind Pein-Sama in the shadows spoke as I interupted him.

"I know where it is. I'm going." Before any of them could stop me I sped out of the base and ran for the hideout, I could only hope to get there in time to stop them.


Thanks for reading, so will you make in time, and even if you do, what will happen? Want to know, well the read the next chapter I'm writing it as soon as I publish this chapter, rate, review, thanks, Shannon.

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