sonic sleepover part 18

Created by areeta9 on Saturday, April 21, 2012

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So while everyone was watching Twighlight Rouge and Sonia decided to take the opportunity to try to make Jade tell them what happened during the song.
Rouge: Come on tell us...
Jade: No
Sonia: Come on we wont judge
Jade: It doesnt matter if you judge me I wouldnt care if you did
Rouge: Come on just spill the beans
Jade: It's personal
Sonia: Youre gonna have to tell somebody sometime
Jade: Three people already know
Rouge: Oh is that so...
Shadow: Come on you guys leave her alone.Besides you guys were the ones who wanted to watch the movie anyway.
Rouge: *sigh* Fine if it makes you happy Shadow
Rouge and Sonia: *go sit in the couch and watch the movie*
Shadow: *sits by Jade* Seriously who even brougt this movie?
Jade: It was on netflix
Shadow: That song perfect reminded you of your past
Jade: Yeah
Shadow: At least you remember all of your past
Jade: Sometimes I wish I could forget it like you do
Shadow: I dont like the point that I cant remember most of it but the parts I do remember seem nice or at least most of it
Jade: You knowperfectly well mine isnt as good asthat my friend
Shadow: Hm *looks down*
Jade: Shadow I know what it feels like to loose someone Ive lost alot of people
Shadow: I know
Jade and Shadow: *look up at the movie*
Shadow: i shall never understand why people love this movie so much
Jade: Me neither
After the Twighlight movie
Marine: Crikey im tired Im going to bed *takes out tails doll*
Tails: Umm...Marine why do you have that doll of me
Marine: I found it crying in the meadow and decided to keep it
Tails Doll: Play with me *evil voice* PLAY WITH ME!
Everyone: *scared* 0.0
Silver: Seriously Marine that thing is creepy
Brittany: LeES
espeluznante (itIS creepy)
Marine: Well that's your oppinion
Bluebell: Come on you guys it's not scary
Tails Doll: *still in creepy voice* Yes yes my child
Bluebell: 0_0 *runs and hides behind Jade*
Wave: Well Im not going to sleep tonight
Cream: Well It's past my bedtime I have to go to bed *goes to sleeping bag*
Sonic: How about we start the next movie
*horror movie starts and everyone that isnt going to bed puts on 3-D glasses*
Rouge:Girl dont go into the kitchen
Everyone: Oooh!
Storm: That's gotta hurt
Amy: *nearly strangling Sonic because she's hugging him so tight*
Brittany: *grabbing on to Jet*
Jade and Shadow: *staring mesmorized at the screen*
Silver: I want to look away but I cant
Movie suddenly stops.
Manic: What happened?
Picture of Dr. Robotnic in a bikini pops up on screen.
Everyone: *screams*
Shadow: WHAT THE-???!!!!!
Charmy: My eyes theyre burning!
Sonic: Not Again!
Jet: I shall never be able to unsee that!
Espio: That's just gross
Amy: Ew....
Sonia: I am officially scared for life!
Bluebell: *covers eyes*
*Movie come back on*
Vector: Sonic! Why do you even have that?!
Sonic: I dont
Espio: Why dont we just calm down and forget we even saw this
Wave: And how are we supposed to forget this!
Espio: ........

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