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Implied!Reader x Edward Elric. Okay, this is a little too dark for a pun series... *Ahem* Anyways, WELCOME SEPTEMBER! (yes I am aware it is August 31, ok) Read, rate, and enjoy! And on a completely different note, KHR FANDOM, OUR TITS WILL NOT BE CALMED. NARUTO FANDOM TOO.

Created by SecondChance88 on Friday, August 31, 2012

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“G-Goddamnit, [Name], chemistry and alchemy are two different things!”

You body hovered over his battered one; you stood against the sun and looked like a dark shadow to him. He saw the evil gleam in you [e/c] eyes as you slowly crouched, sitting on his chest and staring into his pained golden eyes.

“Save it, Edward,” you grinned, leaning close to the alchemist’s face. “You know very well that I don’t care. Now, why don’t you plead for your life instead?”

The anger… The hurt… The betrayal in his beautiful eyes made you shiver in ecstasy. “Why?!” he growled, trying to throw you off. A few meters away, Alphonse laid unconscious, which only fueled his rage.

“Edward,” you whispered; you were so close, you noses almost touched, but he was too preoccupied with wrath to notice. “I was sent to kill you.”

“You can’t do that, [Name],” it wasn’t a plea. It was a statement.

“You’re right, Edward,” you replied before pulling away and laughing. “You’re already dead to me, so why should I take your life?”

His anger subsided for a second and he looked up at you, confused, instead.

“And do you know what we do to dead chemists, Edward?” you asked, smiling down at him ever-so-sweetly. He didn’t like that smile; he didn’t like it a single bit, but despite this, he screamed,


You only laughed softly… sweetly. A murderer’s laugh. You hopped off him with a grin and before he could sit up, the ground beneath him gave way. He fell into a hole, six feet down, and landed on the moist mud with a thud. Youlooked down at him and raised a hand in salute. Dirt started falling in at incredible amounts. You laughed harder. He didn’t have a chance.

“We Barium.”

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