my Black Butler RP OC

Created by MakaOrihara on Sunday, December 30, 2012

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Black Butler RP OC

Name: Annabel Livingston

Nickname(s): Anna, Bell, Annie

Gender: Female

Species: Dark Angel

Age: 12

Birth date: A few months after Ciel

Class: Lower Middle

Parents: Trisha Livingston (Mother, alive, human), Henry Livingston (Father, alive, human), no siblings

Human looks—

Hair: Brown, slightly curly, mid back, kept in braids

Eyes: Blue

Wears: Dresses slightly less fancy than Elizabeth’s with the acceptations of when Ciel buys her something for a ball or her birthday

Nightwear: Nightgowns of any color

Freckles/Beauty mark: Slight freckles on nose and cheeks

Scars/Tattoos: N/A

Dark Angel Looks:

Hair: Black, slightly longer than mid back, straight, down

Eyes: Black

Wears: Knee length black gown or whatever she has on at the time, depends on the circumstances

Freckles/Beauty Marks: Slight on nose and cheeks

Scars/Tattoos: N/A


Personality: She’s less bubbly than Lizzie but can be more hyper when given too much sugar. She can be serious and act like a lady when the times call for it. She’s slightly too trusting and will approach a stranger without hesitation unless warned other wise. She’s very curious and will disappear in a crowd if something pulls her attention away from the task at hand.

History: Annabel wasn’t born a Dark Angel and doesn’t remember how it happened. Everything until the transformation has been lost in her mind and she’s trying to find out how she came to be an Angel. She met Ciel when she flew over his house one night and Sebastian took her down, breaking one of her wings in the process. She stayed at his house for that week and they’ve became great friends ever since.

Weird habits: Running away from time to time, getting lost in her own house, getting lost in Ciel’s house, running away in a crowd, getting lost in the bathroom

Good traits: Friendly, trusting, sweet, happy

Bad traits: Can become annoying when too hyper, talks too much, too trusting, gets lost too much,

Likes: Sweets, Ciel’s house, going on walks, sunny days, bunnies, stuffed animals, flying, clear nights, full moons

Dislikes: some vegetables, getting lost, rainy days, mean people, cloudy nights, breaking a wing, parties


Color: Pink, purple, blue

Animal: Bunny

Food: Sebastian’s strawberry tart

Drink: Earl Gray Tea

Activity: Walking or flying

Game: Hide-and-Seek

Place: Ciel’s house

Least favorite—

Color: Black

Animal: Mean dogs

Food: Anything sour

Drink: Milk

Activity: Dancing

Game: Chess

Place: Parties

Friends: Anyone at Ciel’s house, your OC

Enemies: Nobody

Crushes: Ciel

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