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Yes, there will be some inconsistencies with Misashi Kishimoto's original story because this is a secondary school fan fiction based on the anime version of NARUTO. This is a female-oriented reader-insert based story. Hope you enjoy it! ^_^ Criticism and suggestions are very welcome for this story.

Created by x8YouCantSeeAnything8x on Monday, January 13, 2014

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I woke up to my uncle Ozekael's voice lightly humming my name and shaking me by my shoulder. My blurred vision took a few minutes to return to normal. I grimaced as I tasted the disgust of morning breath that my mouth had acquired. I groaned as I forced myself from my bed to the restroom to freshen up my current hygienic status. I changed into a black v-neck sleeveless shirt, a white pair of cargo shorts, and black PF Flyer boots. I left my face bare of make up as usual and tied my hair into a tightly wrapped crown ponytail.

I went downstairs where breakfast was ready, a regular thing at this home. Uncle O' loved to cook, and he's showed me a few things, but nowhere near his genius. On my plate was two homemade waffles, scrambled egg whites, buttered wheat toast, and a small bunch of red grapes with a glass of orange juice next to it.

We ate in a comfortable silence before it was time to go. He dropped me off near the entrance and instructed me to go to the office. It was quite solemn for an 'outsider' to attend the school. Either the students had attended the same district since they were very little or were recommended transfer students from several parts of the world. I just got to transfer to the school because I moved there. The school was big as well, almost as big as a college campus, give or take a couple hundred yards. I entered the office and spoke with somone who introduced himself as Mr. Hagane. He told me what I needed to know and let me sit in wait for the upperclassman who was to help me to my first class.

"Suki ?"

"Hm ?"

I raised my head from the gaze I had on the ground. The guy was really good-looking, but his face seemed somewhat tired. He spoke, but I kind of dazed out during my thoughts.

"I'm sorry, huh ?"

"My name's Itachi. I'm here to take you to class."

"Oh, right. Thank you."

"Come on. Class is starting."

I just nodded not knowing what else to say and followed Itachi. We walked into our first class, art. I assumed Itachi must have been sent because he also had this class.

"Kurenai-sensei, this is the new student, Suki Novaak."


"Hello. Thank you Itachi, you can go back to your seat."

He nodded and did so as Kurenai-sensei continued to speak, "I've already assigned a seating chart in this class based on my knowledge of the students. Since you're new here, your seat might change around a bit."

"Okay. Where do I go ?"

"You can go ahead and sit next to Sasuke," she spoke as she pointed to a boy who was staring dazedly out of the window near his left. He seemed busy in his thoughts, so I thought it better to let him be than to bother him. I saw him move slightly to take notice of my presence, but nothing more. I had a thought as I turned to Itachi.

'They look related. I wonder if they're brothers or something.'

The first day of school dragged on like any other first day of school. In the beginning it's nice, but hearing the teachers drabble on about the same things each block always got old quick. After the first hour passed, I was relieved to get up from my new seat and stretch. Itachi came over to me and took me gently by the arm.

"Come on, Suki. Let's go."

There was a smile on his face, god knows where that came from. Why care ? It's amazing and it makes me want to smile back and melt. I noticed a harsh glare from Sasuke before Itachi dragged me away. Ugh, I probably shouldn't ask.

"Should I ask ?"

"Sasuke's my younger brother. We don't get along well."

"...And you like to antagonize him ? Now I get why you were smiling," I said as I chuckled, "Nice."

"What do you mean ?"

"Uh, if you've ever noticed, you don't smile much. Even when you meet new people," I stated, sort of directing the last part toward the hour earlier.

"Oh that. I guess I don't. Well, there's not really much to smile about when you can't trust anyone."

I searched for any sign of change on his face, but after his smile faded as quick as it formed, his face remained emotionless. I put my index finger to my chin in attempt to bring a soothing thought to the surface. I don't like it when people are depressed or upset. What is it about the world and life that they have to keep people down all the time ?

"Hmm. Well, maybe you just haven't met enough people yet."

I turned to him and smiled, satisfied with my suggestion. He smirked and let out a quiet chuckle.


We walked into our next class: Basic Ninja Arts. Wait a minute. ... Wha ? I pulled out my schedule from my pocket to take another look at it. Yeah. ... That's what it says. Huh. ... I think I actually recognized the teacher too. Ha, weird.

"Sensei, this is the new student, Suki Novaak."

He seemed to be scribbling something down that I couldn't see. All he did was nod before Itachi walked away. He said nothing to me, so I just returned to Itachi's side. Okay...

"How come there's not that many people in here ?"

I whispered, not wanting to throw off the quiet ambience of the room. Itachi's voice was soft, and it was like he mumbled anyway, so him just speaking normal kind of went along with it too.

"The nature of this class requires more room than the others. That's why it is divided up into several smaller groups."


Well, there was my explanation. Not like I understood what the hell he was talking about though, 'the nature of this class.' The teacher didn't really do anything besides greet the class, tell us his name, and write the following on the board:


Basic Ninja Arts Class

Class 1 Block 2

First Day of School

Apparently we were his first class during the day. I thought he could at least explain the class. Hmm, being the only outcast in the school, everyone probably already knew what was going on here. I was the only one. Great. I didn't think any class could be any less uneventful than my first one. Did Kakashi-sensei sure prove me wrong. -_-

Itachi led me as we left to our third class. I was wondering how many classes I had with Itachi. There were already three in a row. I had only been glancing at my schedule whenever I looked at it, so I can't remember if we were headed for math or english. However, when I got into class. I never expected to see what I was seeing. There were two whiteboards, side by side, at the front of the class with the same exact set up Kakashi-sensei had. The first board had this written on it:



Class 3 Block 3

First Day of School

Mon, Tues

The second one had this:


English Language Arts

Class 3 Block 3

First Day of School

Wed, Thurs, Fri

I had never been in one classroom owned by two subjects. Especially, the two opposing main subjects. Man, this school really was a special one. I blushed when I glanced at the teachers. Beauty always had a way of capturing me by surprise and keeping me mesmerized. Itachi noticed me stop dead in my tracks. Once he noticed the direction of my gaze, he smirked.

"Taking a liking to the teacher already ?"

I tried to speak, but just mumbled, "Sorry. Can't help it. She's beautiful."


Itachi didn't know how to react to that. He must've thought I was staring at Iruka-sensei.

"Hmm, Mikoto-sensei, huh ? She is. Very. Thank you. I'll let her know you told her so," he said as he began to walk toward the teachers.

"Wait, Itachi. No! Don't," I said, trying to speak in a hushed tone.

"Iruka-sensei, Sensei, this is the new student, Suki Novaak."

"Itachi, I already told you, you can call me Mikoto-sensei."

"I know, but I already told you. I feel uncomfortable addressing you in that manner."


She giggled for reasons unknown to me as Itachi left to talk to someone else. The two of them and I exchanged greetings and names. There are very polite and seem quite kind.

"Do you have assigned seating in here?"

"Well, I don't, but Iruka-sensei does."


"Umm, okay. Where do I... ?"

I didn't know what to ask. I was still confused by the two things that just happened. She's so endearing toward Itachi. Relation ? And why would it matter if one had assigned seating and one not ? Are they not in the same class ? I just awaited my position in the room from Iruka as did Itachi upon his return.

"Itachi, you'll be sitting in the third row next to Hidan. Suki, you'll be sitting in the second row, in the middle, next to Sasuke."

I was going to say okay, but watching Itachi and the other teachers all day, I just ended up nodding in response and headed to my desk. Sasuke's mind finally returned to the room at the sound of his name being mentioned and looked toward the guilty party. He eyed me as I sat next to him. He made me feel kind of awkward when he kept staring at me after I sat down, but he returned to his aimless gazing after a short moment. The teachers introduced themselves, then after they finished speaking, so did someone else. The brunette male in front of me turned around and flashed me a playful grin.

"So, you're the new girl ? This district hasn't had any new students, since the lot of us came from Japan some four years ago. My name's Kiba."

"Hi. I'm Suki. Do you really not get new students that often ?"

"From what I've been told, no one's new unless they're exchange transfers or special foreign transfers, but from the way you talk, you sound like your from around this land. And last I checked, we were the newest bunch of students, but I guess we're not really new anymore, huh ?"

He chuckled at his own remark. I had to admit, he was hott and seemed like fun to be around, and his voice was alive and strong. He seemed funny too, but in more of a trouble maker kind of way than anything else. We talked a bit before the bell finally rang.

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