The pick and drop game (Sasuke Love story) pt.5

Created by SasukexTsunami on Monday, March 10, 2014


So it has been a week now. Sasuke has been dressing not emo, and word has gotten out that we "go out". So now he is popular. But going out with a popular person is not the only step to being popular. For guys to be popular you have to dress cool act cool and play So yep that means Sasuke has to join a cool sport. But I have to convince him because I don't want to seem suspicious. I looked around the class room and glanced at him. He seemed to be starring out the window. He's always starring out the window. I wonder why. I looked out the window to see nothing but the streets and grass and dirt. I turned back to the teacher. Then thought of many ways to convinece Sasuke to join a cool sport. I'll ask him after this class.
~~~~~~~~The Bell Rings~~~~~~~~~
Okay I guess I'll go ask hi-
"[Name] come on we gotta talk." Sakura said pulling me off somewhere.
Uh-oh this is bad Sakura wants to have a serious talk. You know how I know because Ino isn't with her.
"[Name] what's going on between you and emoboy?" Sakura asked.
"Between me and who?" I asked. "Emoboy you know the one you're "dating" ?" Sakura asked.
"Oh! Right! Emoboy what do you mean I'm just playing the game you made." I said. Oh crap I got so used to calling him Sasuke that I forgot I called him Emoboy. "Oh really?" Sakura asked. "yes really I would never go out with such a loser." I said. "Better not be or I'll have to cut you from the group." Sakura said.
I nodded. "[Name]? Oh there you are" said a familiar voice. I turned to see Sasuke. "Oh hi Sasuke." I smiled. I haven't been fake smiling around him. Lately I have been giving him genuine smiles. Strange...
I walked over to Sasuke leaving Sakura where she stood. "Sasuke can I ask you something?" I asked. "Sure what is it?" he asked as we walked to his locker. "Umm how do you feel about sports?" I asked. "They're cool and fun I guess." he said. "Really? Then do you think that you can join a sport?" I asked. "Nope." Sasuke said closing his locker before walking away. "Huh? Wha- Why not?" I asked. "Because it's cool." I said.
"What do you mean it's cool?" I asked. "Exactly that." he said. I huffed fine. I said before walking off.
After school on the way to Sasuke's house.
I had a bunch of sports balls in my passenger seat. Yup I'm gonna test him. I stopped in front of his house not bothering to notice the three cars in the driveway. I knocked on the door. To my surprise the door was opened by a different face. It was a blonde that looked semi- familiar but I couldn't put on his name. Something uto." I thought. "Sasuke you're girlfriend is here." The blonde said. "come in." the blonde said. I walked in following him to Sasuke's room. The blonde walked in the room and I followed. "Sasuke you have a special visitor." The blonde said. "[Name]? what are you doing here?" Sasuke asked. I didn't plan for this at all. "oh um I just can by to see you but I see that you are busy so I will go." I said. I was about to go when I was stopped. "Not at all." Sasuke said. "Huh?" I asked. "Yeah why don't you hang with us." the blonde said. "Yeah." agreed Itachi and his long haired blonde friend. Sasuke scooted over. I sat next to him. I noticed they were playing
Black ops 2
I really love this game. But if Sakura found out I play videogames she'd think I'm nerdy. But I'm pretty sure none of these guys talk to Sakura.
As I watched Sasuke's blonde friend was getting creamed and Itachi was sniping people.
It seemed that Itachi and his blonde friend were on teams with other online people and Sasuke and his blonde friend were on teams with other online people. Sasuke's team was losing. "Sasuke I'm a make you loose in front of your girlfriend." Itachi's blonde friend said. "Yeah right." Sasuke said. It was painful to watch. Sasuke's blonde friend kept passing by every treasure box, and kept getting killed by the zombies. "Um Sasuke do you think I can try?" I asked. "Huh? Sure Naruto let her use your controller since you're already losing. " Sasuke said. I'm not sure what Sasuke was implying but I felt like it was an insult. The round restarted. Sasuke's character and mine went to the collect some points by killing some zombies then traded it in the treasurebox and guess what I got a blundergat. After that I disappeared to the top of the roof and started sniping zombies and other online enemies. "Itachi we're losing." his blonde friend said. "What do you mean where losing?" Itachi said. "I think what he means is I'm snipping all you teammate to their deaths." I said with a smile. "Itachi we're down to five players." the blonde one said. "I think I know that Deidara." Itachi said. Itachi was to busy fighting off the Zombies to even realize Sasuke was shooting at him. "I died how." Itachi said. Sasuke smirked. "Deidara it's up to you." Itachi said. "To me they still got 11 people on their team and we only got two left." the guy known as Deidara said. "First you got to find the girl and stop her from snipping." Itachi said. "Not if I find him first Itachi?" I said. Seconds after that Deidara was dead. "you joking ?" Deidara said. "That's it I rage quit!" Deidara said.
Few seconds later the round was won by us. "Yay we won Sasuke." I cheered. "No way how did you do that? Itachi's team is like unbeatable." Sasuke's blonde friend asked. "I just got lucky." I smirked with a shrug. "Like hell if it's luck!!!!" Deidara screamed from outside the door. "Whatever it was it seemed to piss Deidara off. He's not great with losing. So Sasuke we will continue this later." Itachi said grabbing Deidara and leaving the room. "Yeah I better go too it's gotten late and I still have homework to not do." The blonde said before leaving. Now it was just me and Sasuke. I was about to say something when I was pulled into him. He pulled me onto his lap. We were soo close. "So what was that back there. You don't seem like the type to play a lot of video games." Sasuke said. "Like I said beginners luck." I shrugged lying. "Well you must be one lucky person." he said. "I would say so." I said. I don't know why but the way he looked....his eyes they just seem soo seductive. Especially with his smirk. I see why he hides his face because every girl would be one it. I know I would right know. My thought was interrupted by a pair of lips on mine. O.O!!!

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